Armatka śnieżna Welderstal WS Snow 195
Armatka śnieżna WS Snow 195

The snow gun Welderstal WS SNOW 195 dedicated to larger ski resorts, will work wherever you need to quickly produce a lot of snow in extreme conditions.

High performance cannon already at -0,5oC

  • Attractive price against of the all other producers
  • The possibility of snowing in extreme conditions, already at -0,5 stopni C
  • Maximum snow output with lower power consumption than other snow cannons
  • Compact design for easy transport, ergonomic design
Armatka śnieżna Welderstal

The possibility of snowing already at -0,5oC

The WS Snow 195 cannon works wherever you need to produce a lot of snow in extreme conditions. The possibility of snowing at extreme temperatures allows ski resorts to significantly extend the season.

Maximum performance at low power consumption

Innovative air cooling technology CoolDown System

Innovative air cooling technology for nucleation, a significant way to fly on the quality of snow.

Horizontal 360 degrees oscillation

A unique system of ceramic nozzles

The unbelievably high quality as well as the performance of the WS SNOW 195 are due to accurately selected nozzles that uniquely distinguish it from other cannons.

The meticulous design of the 122 three-flow ceramic nozzles prevents their consumption and enables long, reliable operation. Their construction makes it easy for every user to disassemble quickly.

Thanks to the innovative design of nozzles, WS SNOW 195 achieves high efficiency while maintaining low power consumption.

Armatka śnieżna Welderstal WS Snow 195 technologia
Armatka śnieżna Welderstal WS Snow 195 konstrukcja

Stainless collector

The stainless water collector, along with the screw-in filter and two manual valves, makes it easier for operators to start up and smoothly produce high quality snow.

Built-in pressure gauge

In the central part of the collector, a water pressure gauge is installed that is resistant to very low temperatures, which informs the operator about the pressure in the hydraulic system during the snowing.

Valves in no-frost technology

The specific construction of the valves of each ring enables water drainage after finished operation, which prevents it from freezing in the sewers.

Technical specification Parameters
Snow performance till 100 m3/h
Power consumption without heaters 15 KW (with heaters 19,5KW)
Work pressure from 6,5 – 40 bar
The number of nucleating nozzles 15
Number of water jets 107
Number of sections 3
The temperature of snowmaking from -0,5
Controlling manual
Water consumption till 650 l/min
Weight 800 kg
Transport dimensions L. 2,5m , W. 2m, H. 2,6m

Modern electronics

Modern electronics prevent large power consumption by using soft-start, thereby making the device economical in operation.

Phase sensor

It prevents reverse fan rotation, which gives us confidence that everything will be turning in the right direction.

Ergonomic control cabinet

A small, transparent, trouble-free control cabinet equipped with a table plug (5P 400V 63A) ensures simple operation of the entire device, without any complicated instructions. In order to make the operation on the slope more efficient, we equipped the device with a 230V (16A) socket.

Blowing with the “OWL” effect

High work culture of the fan with blowing in the technology of the “OWL” effect, which makes us emit a few decibels less so that our cannons become less burdensome for the surrounding environment.

Quality supported by tests

Before launching the product on the market, our company conducts a series of tests and tests to obtain 100% certainty that the device will not disappoint our customers.

Armatka śnieżna Welderstal WS Snow 195 realizacje

Additional snow cannon equipment

  • Oscillation
  • Weather station
  • Choosing a color
  • Leasing possibility
  • Snow hoses
  • Booms

In addition, we offer:

  • Comprehensive construction of the entire snowmaking system
  • Modernization of existing systems