Pumping systems: Welderstal #WS for the ski slopes

More than15,000+ mb pipeline, Reliable water connections for snowmaking systems for the snow cannons.

Everything you need in one place!

Welderstal systems made of the highest quality components based on the latest technologies, it is a guarantee of long-term, reliable and optimal operation. Production of artificial snow with WS WATER System from today it becomes a pleasure:

  • Pipelines
  • Pump stations
  • Retention reservoirs
Pompownie do armatek śnieżnych
Systemy naśnieżania - podłączanie armatek śnieżnych

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Welderstal company has many years of experience in the construction and design of the back of the ski slope.

  • Construction of new systems or modernization of individual components of existing systems
  • 3D design studio, consulting, individual solutions tailored to the client
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