Our welders team has the necessary certificates for the performance of work issued by the Welding Institute and TUV. We weld in accordance with applicable regulations, standards and the documentation supplied by the customer. Ironwork services provided by our company meet the necessary requirements and are characterized by high aesthetics.



In our process we use several welding methods, such as: MIG, MAG, TIG and MMA. Our welders combine passion and tradition with modern techniques to create solid welds.

The MIG and MAG techniques are the most widely used welding techniques in the industry. In this process, a melting metal electrode is both the welding addition and the arc welding carrier. MIG / MAG has good melting performance while merging deep.

The TIG method is also widely used in industry, due to the fact that it can be used for all welding materials. TIG has the highest possible welds quality. The major advantages are high quality welds and the ability to weld thin work pieces.
We also use the MMA method, whose main advantage is the ability to weld in the field without the use of additional shielding gas.


The list of our customers is steadily increasing. We are very flexible in completing customers orders by taking into account specific needs that our customers have.

Material preparation

The basis for a well-done locksmith and welding job is the initial preparation. As part of our initial process we do precisely measure and cut to size all elements so when all components are welded together they do form a coherent and solid construction.

Aesthetics and the quality

It is the highest priority in our organization to ensure that each product meets the stringent workmanship and aesthetics of welds of the final product as expected by the client.

Our organization provides broad range of metalwork and welding services. We specialize in many areas of the metalwork industry. We follow the recent trends in the industry and we do cherish our own experience as well.

Our service offer includes: pressure welding, welding under X-ray, ultrasonic testing (UT). Materials that we weld include: black steel, stainless steel and aluminum.