Mobile Weather Station: Welderstal #WS for the ski slopes

Device monitoring temperature and humidity, transferring data to your phone or tablet through a mobile application.

Conditions on the ski slope now on your phone

An innovative solution Welderstal WS#Mobile: Device + mobile application allowing you to monitor the conditions on the ski slope, makes snowing easier.

  • 100% confidence in the conditions prevailing at the snow cannon
  • Accurate temperature and humidity reading, thanks to which you can set the snow cannon very quickly to work at full capacity
Mobilna stacja pogody do armatek śnieżnych - aplikacja
Mobilna stacja pogody do armatek śnieżnych - urządzenie Mobilna stacja pogody na armatki śnieżnej na smartfona

WS Mobile Weather – technical parameters

WS Mobile Weather Station is ergonomic, small size and easy to connect and use.

  • Temperature, humidity and dew point reading
  • Reading parameters live (every 7 minutes)
  • Up to 50 sensors can be connected together with the assignment of their own sensor names
  • It is enough to connect to the router and the sensor should be placed within 100m

For further information – please contact our service department. You will get information where you can buy the device.

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